Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I am not happy.

I had a run in with a student today. In all the years she has been attending public school I am afraid the only thing she has learned well is that her "disability will get her out of trouble". She is more handicapped then she is aware as she has used and depended on her problems to allow her to act like a horrible human being.I cannot imagine where she will ever work where people will put up with her behavior. It scares me to think she may live near me or someone I love. She will not make a good neighbor. I am mostly unhappy because I believe that the school system, the educational system has created her, or allowed her to be this person that has few if any redeeming qualities. If I am completely honest I am mostly unhappy because I have her for years to come! Why are we afriad to MAKE the students accountable for their behavior? It is beyond my powers of comprehension... I am simply lost!

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