Thursday, March 4, 2010

Anger as a key!

I never thought of anger as a key to a solution but I have been enlightened and I believe it is true. If you become angry about something that you hold dear, something you value and believe is important in the world, you might become more inclined to do something about the cause of the anger. Surely we have all been angry over many things in the course of our lifetime. I know for a fact that I am slow to anger but once I am angry it is not really that pretty. It does not feel good and it is not a place I am comfortable but it has saved my life and so for that I see the importance of anger. Recently I became angry over something that happened with a group of peopl that I know. They did something that I believed was wrong and they hurt some people that are special to me and they hurt me. Naturally there is no happy ending to this story, no good resolution or solution. I am not sure there were any winners but there were losers. Anger was not a key to this problems solution or at least it has not been the key. I will have to give things time to...fade I guess is the best way to put it. Time does heal many wounds and a patient person will wait for the healing to occur. For this particular hurt I do not think I am angry anymore but it has altered my thinking about people and it has affected my trust of some of them.

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