Wednesday, January 14, 2009

First born and last

Her she is my Jennifer, my first born with her last. Emily Claire and both such lovely young ladies. Far away now from me in France!! I have no doubt that they are snug in bed this time of night or maybe not it is 6am there so probably up and wide awake. Good morning my girls. I miss you. Time just moves to fast most of the time. I can remember when I held Jennifer just like this and now...hmmm. I will have to talk to Emily a lot while she is away so she will get to know me and not forget that I was there the moment she first appeared! Have a great day sweet girls.

Abby's Fish

Abby loves these fish that live at the square in the town she lives. One of her favorite things to do is to go and look at these little buddies. Actually the huge gold one is not little at all. He is a big old thing that amuses her mightily!! I like to watch her run to and fro all the while laughing and pointing at the fish as they swim in lazy circles. Simple pleasures are the best.