Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Bucket List

I think it is time to set some goals and re-evaluate old goals. The bucket list is a perfect name for a list of things I would like to do or accomplish before I go.So I am formulating my list. I am sure it will change but you know the old saying...if you fail to plan, you plan to fail! Here goes.
1. I want to see all of my children being successful and productive. It can be their definition, I just want to see it.
2. I would like to live with my sister Judy for awhile and spend time with her doing things together. I would like Kim to join us in this adventure.
3. I want to go to Costa Rica and stay for a summer.
4. If I could produce some art that would remain after I am gone I would be well pleased.
5. I want to stop being afraid about not having enough money!
6. I want to work at a job that I really love and enjoy.
7. I want to regain my love of reading.
8. I want to learn how to speak Spanish.
9. I want to learn sign language and be able to use it fluently.
10. I want to take a dance class.
11. I want to take Josh, Sophia, Emily and Abby to the beach and stay for at least two weeks.
12. I want to become an organized person.
13. I want to own a really cool car before I AM too old to enjoy it.
14. I want to learn how to be grateful for what I have and mean it.
15. I want to learn how to fix my own computer when it gets sick!
More as the come to me!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

HER idea!!

Yes my little wanna be puppy! She crawled in and seemed pretty happy there!! Kids you have got to LOVE them!! Abby was not all that eager to get out but I was afraid there might be creatures in there that would nibble on her toes! She is a bright spot even looking out of the cage! There is a certain amount of securtiy when you are safely locked IN. Just wanted to share a cute picture!! She is NOT in there at the moment but safely in the arms of her Mom. Slept tight baby!

Hi Daddy

Today my Daddy is starting a great adventure! I will miss him but I cannot wait to hear the great news that he has a job and his is excited about it! I love my daddy and I will miss him but I know he is doing this for me and mommy. I say prayers for Daddy every night and I love him very much. Abby.

Oh the places we will go!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

20 things about me

This is an abbreviated idea I stole from Jennifer's blog! I do not think I have 75 things that I want to share but I thought I could dig up 20!
1. I love my computer!
2. I love scary movies and books!
3. When I was a child I played the accordian! Whoopeee!!
4. Once I wrote a children's story about Cody and Jennifer. My friend illustrated it and I have it somewhere.
5. I believe most things are possible.
6. I believe that God wants us to help ourselves!
7. My children are very dear to me and their children are too.
8. I do not understand why peace in the world is so difficult.
9. Conversations with God are sometimes not that satisfying... but I am glad He listens to me.
10. I spend a lot of time wondering if I was/am a good parent. Actually I am still working on that definition, it changes with the day.
11. If I could do anything I would want to be an artist! A good one...who gets paid!
12. My friends are a joy beyond belief!! They keep me grounded and steady every day.
13. My definition of a good friend is someone who is there, when you need them and when you don't!
14. I grew up in Europe and it remains a fabulous memory for me.
15. My mother is 93 years old. She is one of the most fantastic humans I know! She scares me, inspires me and motivates me and she loves me!!
16. I would drive a sports car if I could afford it!! (and the tickets!)
17. San Francisco remains an all time favorite of mine, it is totally cool!!
18. Carpe Diem....I believe that, now counts!
19. I am not as patient as I use to be.....I teach!
20. I will miss Jennifer and her family while they are busy learning French in France!