Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Bucket List

I think it is time to set some goals and re-evaluate old goals. The bucket list is a perfect name for a list of things I would like to do or accomplish before I go.So I am formulating my list. I am sure it will change but you know the old saying...if you fail to plan, you plan to fail! Here goes.
1. I want to see all of my children being successful and productive. It can be their definition, I just want to see it.
2. I would like to live with my sister Judy for awhile and spend time with her doing things together. I would like Kim to join us in this adventure.
3. I want to go to Costa Rica and stay for a summer.
4. If I could produce some art that would remain after I am gone I would be well pleased.
5. I want to stop being afraid about not having enough money!
6. I want to work at a job that I really love and enjoy.
7. I want to regain my love of reading.
8. I want to learn how to speak Spanish.
9. I want to learn sign language and be able to use it fluently.
10. I want to take a dance class.
11. I want to take Josh, Sophia, Emily and Abby to the beach and stay for at least two weeks.
12. I want to become an organized person.
13. I want to own a really cool car before I AM too old to enjoy it.
14. I want to learn how to be grateful for what I have and mean it.
15. I want to learn how to fix my own computer when it gets sick!
More as the come to me!!

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Jen said...

How fun! I enjoyed reading that post.. I am sure you can cross off many of those "to dos" in the years to come. :)