Thursday, August 7, 2008

Where is God?

Now there is a topic for you. Where is God? I happen to believe He is everywhere and in everyone. I have to believe that. To believe that God is everywhere only works for me if he works through people. He uses us to be there for each other, to help when help is needed, to see when something needs to be seen. So many times in my life I have needed God, as we all have. I have prayed and the pray has been answered and so many times it has been through a friend, or a child or a parent or a stranger. God is. We over think it and than we screw it up but mostly God just is. I am so thankful that He is here for me. I speak to him night and day. The best conversations are in bed but I actually speak to him through out the day and without a doubt He is with me. I see so clearly every time I see my grandbabies. I see Him in their eyes and their hopefulness. There are so many people in the world that want to define Him but there is no way to really define belief. I am thankful that for me I know that He is with me. Day and night, right or wrong He is with me. Sending me the people I need to perform the mircles that make life good. He gave me my children, my friends, my sisters, my mother and my father and ability to choose to believe in Him, and I do.

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