Saturday, February 28, 2009

A trip to the Jr. Museum

I took my children and now I am taking my child's child! Beth and I had an amazing time today at the Jr. Museum with Abby and Elliott. Both children ran and played and were interested and interesting to be with. We saw a Red Wolf and a Gray Fox, black bears, snakes...strangely interesting to two small children. Abby got to pet a cow and than she promptly got knocked down when the cow very slowly turn her head. We all laughed and Abby thought that was the coolest thing! It was such a fine day, such a great memory. Jennifer, do you remember when we went to the Jr. Museum??? We went with Beth and Tommy and Ginny and Matt. I am not sure but I think Cody was with us as well, in the stroller!! This was a lovely day.

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Jen said...

I do remember when we went.. gosh, over 20 years ago??? Eeek!