Saturday, December 6, 2008

Where did the time go? Abby and I went to see Santa today and she would not have a thing to do with him. Here she is a couple of years ago and she looks pretty darn happy...and pretty! I loved the dress she is wearing. What a great gift pictures are! I love to look back and of course make new ones as well. Tonight Sophia and Josh are off with their sweet mother to see a Christmas show. I hope they are making fabuous memories. I cherish my memories, they are so special, better than pictures! Happy Christmas season.

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Jen said...

How cute! I tried to call you tonight on the way to the show. It was fabulous! The kids loved it and did great considering it wasn't over til 9:30pm. They were mesmerized in the beginning and they loved the "ghostses" the best. Can't wait for them to tell you all about it. Love you!