Friday, October 17, 2008

I think she sees God

Look at that smile, she knows where God is! Sometimes I wonder where He is hiding, but then I realize it is me hiding from Him! I have been giving God a lot of thought lately. We have been on pretty good terms in the last couple of years, I stopped asking for little useless things and He seemed to be able to work with me on the bigger ones. I have always believed that God was next to me. I still do. I have never found any comfort from His book. This is probably going to sound strange to some but...look at that baby's face, she is looking at God and there is not a bible to be found! To me it seems that when people are worshiping a book they are not paying attention to the hero. I am not saying to get rid of the bible as it does provide us with rich history told in various ways. I just would like for people to not rely so much on those words but look for ways to live the word.

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